Over the years, Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed worldwide. Botox injections work by blocking chemical impulses from nerves that cause muscular contractions. For the most part, these injections are used to relax the facial muscles that generate creases along the forehead and across the eyes for a short period of time. Botox injections are also used to address certain conditions that impair the body’s ability to operate. Some examples include lazy eye, muscle contractures and eye twitching. Botox injections come with many benefits, but are they suitable for you? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Botox:

Safe and Quick Procedure

When completed by a medical professional, they are virtually harmless to the patient’s body and well-being. There is no need to feel nervous about how the needle might feel because it does not go any deeper than a few millimetres inside of your skin. Furthermore, the whole procedure, including the prep time, does not take more than a couple of minutes, so even if you are feeling anxious, your appointment will be over in no time.

Effective Results

If you are looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face, Botox injections are the perfect solution. Not only is this procedure clinically proven to work, but it also lasts for 3+ months on average. Furthermore, the results of Botox injections are nearly instant. For most patients, they begin to see the effects after 2-7 days, and within 2 weeks the full potential of the Botox injections have already kicked in.

Additional Benefits

The main reason for most people wanting to receive Botox injections is to reduce the signs of ageing and eliminate wrinkles, but that’s not the only reason to want Botox injections. Botox has additional side effects that positively influences the patient’s body. For example, these injections can minimize any extra sweating, reduce excessive bladder activity, reduce muscle pain and help with migraines when strategically used. Moreover, people who suffer from extensive acne problems can also be treated with the slightest amount of Botox because it reduces the body’s oil production.

Temporary Results

Although most patients are satisfied after their Botox injections, there are a few instances where people are not happy with their results, whether it is the way they look after the treatment or how they are feeling physically after the injections. As mentioned above, the results from Botox are temporary and once the effects of the injections wear off, you will look just as you did prior to the infections.

Botox injections are an amazing cosmetic procedure that will significantly reduce the signs of ageing when completed by a professional. Botox is a treatment that can cause you little to no pain because of the equipment used during the procedure and the amount of time it takes to complete. If you are considering Botox, call our clinic to schedule a no obligation consultation, 905-356-2871.