Botox injections are a common cosmetic procedure that helps prevent facial wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing your facial muscles temporarily. For those that have had Botox injections in the past, the process probably seems straightforward and easy, however if you are preparing for your first Botox injections you may have questions or concerns about your upcoming procedure. To help you prepare for your first Botox injections, we have put together a list of some of the information you should be aware of below.

Stay Positivity

Botox injections are quick and most individuals do not experience any pain past a small pinch. The procedure will consist of a doctor injecting key points on your face with tiny needles that barely pass your skin’s surface. Keeping a positive outlook going into your appointment will help keep you relaxed for the treatment.

No Pain Medication or Alcohol Before Your Appointment

Consuming alcohol before any medical treatment is never suggested and neither is taking pain medication. We also suggest refraining from drinking red wine or taking any anti-inflammatory medication a week prior to your appointment as they can leave your body prone to bruising during and after your appointment. If you are required to take pain medication or anti-inflammatory medication for medical purposes, it is suggested to tell your doctor beforehand, so they can take the appropriate precautions.

Schedule Enough Time

Most Botox treatments are fairly quick and your doctor will give you a rough time frame for your treatment when your appointment is booked, however it is always advised to show up 15 to 20 minutes early and give yourself additional time for your treatment in case there are any unexpected delays.

Recovery Time

Unlike many other cosmetic treatments, Botox treatments do not require any special post treatment recovery plan. In most cases once your treatment is completed, you are free to go about your daily routine as usual. Not only is Botox considered a fairly pain-free procedure, it is also a pain-free recovery.

Patience is Key

Everybody reacts differently to cosmetic treatments and Botox is no different. Some individuals may have results show quicker than others. If you are not experiencing immediate results after your appointment, there is no need for concern, the results from Botox injections can take anywhere between a few days to 2 weeks for the full results to show.

The above are some of the ways you can prepare for your upcoming Botox appointment, however preparing for after your appointment is just as important. Avoid working out for at least 24 to 48 hours after your appointment, do not wear any makeup for 24 hours following your appointment, and use soap and water to clean your face that evening and definitely refrain from using any chemical facial cleansers as they may cause a reaction or even infection post procedure.